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Our FAQ's are currently being rewritten. In the meantime, please visit these screen capture tutorials or call or email us with any questions.


New email settings (general overview)


INSTRUCTIONS FOR SETTING UP YOUR EMAIL APPLICATION (e.g. MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.)

Your POP3 server name: mail.yourdomain.com
Your SMTP server name: mail.yourdomain.com

(i.e. if your domain name is greenpeace.org, you would enter: mail.greenpeace.org)

Login: Your full email address (e.g. you@yourdomain.com)
Password: The password you created when setting up your email account

It is NOT necessary to check *Login using secure password authentication (SPA)

Outgoing Server (SMTP) *DOES* require authentication

Incoming server (POP3) port: 110
Outgoing Server (SMTP) port: 25

Neither require an encrypted (SSL) connection

NOTE: *IF* your ISP blocks port 25, you may have to use port 465 instead (for SMTP), use an encrypted (SSL) OUTGOING mail server connection with the Outgoing mail server set to: saturn.efndomains.org. If all else fails, it may be necessary to use your ISP's outgoing mail server per their instructions. If you have trouble with this, please give us a call: 800-731-4871


How do I access my webmail?

Your Webmail can be accessed in a few different ways:

  • http://efndomains.org/webmail
  • http://yourdomain/webmail
  • Through your cPanel Control Panel

Login with your full email address and password.

You now have three choices of webmail software! Use any or all of them, the mail is stored in the same place and synchronized, so it doesn't matter.


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