Setting up Windows XP for FTP

These screen shots will help you setup Windows Vista for FTP, so you can drag and drop files from your computer to your website.

(this page has a lot of large images, it may take awhile to load on a slow connection)


Click the *Start* button on our Windows XP screen.


You should see *My Network Places* (if you don't, there's a few extra steps involved - call us: 800-731-4871).
Click on *My Network Places*.



On the next screen, click on *Add a network place* (upper left hand side).



Click the *Next* button to continue.



Select *Choose another network location...* as shown above and click the *Next* button.



Syntax is important here, you must type in your FTP address exactly as above, only substituting your own domain name. Click the *Next* button.



UNCHECK the "Log on anonymously" box and type in your user name (it's the same as your cpanel login name - check the server information email you received or call us if you don't know it: 800-731-4871).
Click the *Next* button.



Type a name - it can be anything. Click the *Next* button.



*Click the *Finish* button.



Enter your password and check the box to *Save password* if you're on a trusted computer. Click the *Log On* button.



You should now see an Explorer window that displays your website files. Make certain to upload your web pages and images to your public_html directory.



To return, simply go to *My Network Places* and click on the icon that was created there.

As always, feel free to call if you need any assistance: 800-731-4871