Setting up or editing a POP email account on a Blackberry

Depending on your model/software version, your screens may appear a bit different, but the setting will be similar.


  1. First you need to login to the BlackBerry® Internet Service(BIS). To do this enter your User ID and Password information.


  2. Next You will want to click on the "Email Accounts" section that is under the "Services" section.


  3. Next Click on the "Add An Email Account" link.


  4. Next You will want to enter in your Entire Email Address in the first field. Then enter your Password, this is something that you setup through us. Click Next.


  5. Next the BlackBerry will tell you that it cannot configure this email account, and to select the account type that you want to configure. Select the "Internet Service Provider Mail (POP/IMAP)" bubble. Click Next.


  6. Then It will ask how you are going to setup the email account. Select the "I will provide the settings to add this email account". Click Next.


  7. Next You will need to fill out the email address information again to complete the action. Enter Your Full Email Address into both the "Email Address" and "User Name" fields. Then enter your email password. Click Next.


  8. Next you will need to enter the mail server you are using. If you are using Pop3 you will enter If you are using IMAP, you will enter You will want to select the server type that you are using by clicking the bubble. The type will be based off the server name that you are using. Make Sure that you do NOT Use SSL. Click Next.


  9. Then You will have completed the setup and now are able to receive email to your BlackBerry.